APS – Module 1 – Intermezzo

Welcome back!

This is a little Intermezzo, sitting between the fundamentals in Module 1 and the 5Hs that are starting soon in Module 2.

This Intermezzo is all about getting the message flow right.

Part 1.I.1. VIDEO — Storyboarding

After you have created a storyboard, now all that’s left is doing some very important checks – and they involve a shark’s teeth 🙂

Part 1.I.2. VIDEO — Horizontal Congruence and the Shark

Your session

Now, let’s look at the coaching session for this Intermezzo. In it we will review your storyboard, and do a message track test.


Make an appointment here with me via the tool above to discuss, explore and review the results of the Intermezzo.

I look forward to our session!