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This is the first part in a series of blog post on the resources that I use and the authors that inspire me. I do not follow a huge amount of bloggers, but several have really made a difference for me. Click on the name to get directly to the blog’s websites.

Seth Godin
Seth is one of the most famous bloggers in the world, and rightly so. He shares on a daily basis insights in the fields of innovation, marketing, product creation, leadership and the world in general. The posts are sometimes short, sometimes long, but they always challenge you to take a different view. An example: Gardens, not buildings.

Swiss Miss
Swissmiss is a totally different kind of blog. It is run by US-based Swiss designer Tina Roth Eisenberg. She is also the creator of the Creative Morning Talk series that are spanning the world now. Swiss miss shares examples from the internet on a daily basis with short comments. It is basically a link/picture list from the fields of creativity & design. Especially her „Friday link pack“ is fantastic. I cannot count the number of inspirations and gems that Tina has found and that subsequently inspired me. One example: The 12 words in Japanese that everybody needs to know.

James Altucher
James Altucher is the author of „Choose Yourself“ and several other books. He has a very distinct style, very provocative, very challenging of the status quo. He pushes you to forget traditional investing, forget traditional education, forget management etc. In his writing ge shares a lot of stories from his rich life experience. One of the best posts ever: The Ultimate Cheat Sheet to Starting and Running Your Own Business.

Wait but Why
Wait but Why’s “overnight success” moment was when the brilliant and must-read post on “Why GenY yuppies are unhappy” appeared. With the fantastic stick figure style the blog explores contemporary topics such as decision making, Generation Y, procrastination etc. Also a trip around the world is commented, or comparisons over time and space. The depth of research, the perspective, and the data visualisations are always stunning and enlightening.

Tim Ferris 
Tim is known as the author of the „4 hour work week“ and other best-sellers. He blogs and more recently shares ideas via his podcast, the Tim Ferris show, in which he interviews world-class individuals such as Stanley McChrystal and Jane McGonigal. Highlights for me where e.g. the interview with Kevin Kelly on pretty much everything in the world.

Jessica Hagy
Jessica Hagy shares on a regular basis concept that look like drawn on a napkin. They are always very lucid and clear, often funny, and to-the-point. Highly recommended to challenge your thinking. An example: you are wasting your time if you procrastinate.

Richard Wiseman
Many of you will know Richard’s work from the famous Youtube video the “Colour-changing card trick”. But Richard also shares as part of his Quirkology blog also other tips, current thinking on psychology and tricks that the mind plays. His books are also very much worth a read and are also featured e.g. in my book recommendations here.

What are your favourite blogs? I love to here from you.

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„When praising, give names; when criticising, give categories.“ Warren Buffett

„When praising, give names; when criticising, give categories.“ Warren Buffett

This is for me a key quality when giving feedback as a leader and that can ...
Hofstadter’s Law: „It always takes longer than you expect, even when you take this into account.“

Hofstadter’s Law: „It always takes longer than you expect, even when you take this into account.“

Hofstadter’s Law: "It always takes longer than you expect, even when you ...

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