Monday Morning Brief, December 16th, 2013

Quote of the week:

“The principles of leadership will never change. Vision, discipline, courage and commitment are as relevant today as they were when people used swords to fight wars. Leadership is still leadership.”

Howes, Lewin, in an Article of “The 5 habits of effective online leaders”.

Top recommended articles:

Why simplicity is so complex. Article on FastCompany with links to Sushi master and what we can learn from him for our own quest for simplicity.

Winner takes all vs. local: Quick analysis from Seth Godin on where to focus on, especially as a local business.

And here food for thought on Artificial Intelligence and what it means for life, business. Interesting (and a bit scary) article on Huffington Post about “our final invention.”

Have a great start into the week!

Lars Sudmann

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