My new TEDx talk: Great leadership starts with self-leadership

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At TEDxUtopia the question was asked: “What would leadership in Utopia look like?”

How would you answer this question?

I was reflecting about it from various angles. Should there be leadership in Utopia at all? Should I reflect on latest innovations in management models such as Holacracy?

In the end, after having explored the “enemies of leadership” I came to the conclusion that we should not look to theoretical models for great leadership.

Rather, my Utopia for leadership is rather a place where leaders start by leading themselves, in a very focused manner.

You can watch the full 12 minute talk here, which includes the leadership formula of doom, the thinking of Marcus Aurelius as well as practical techniques for self-leadership.


What are your thoughts? I look forward to your comments and to continuing the discussion.

Lars Sudmann is an expert on high-performance leadership in global corporations and is regularly featured on FastCompany, and many more. He works with multinational organizations as change consultant, keynote speaker as well as executive trainer. You can watch Lars’ other TEDx talks also on his homepage:

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