Self Leadership Course

Leading Yourself is the Greatest Art

Whether you are a leader in an organization, a project manager, a solopreneur, or a business leader. Whenever you lead something and want to bring you forward, you have to first lead yourself.

You have to break those barriers, get ahead and truly make things exciting.

Watch for yourself how I tackle the topic in this top-ranked TEDx talk.

TED talk

Do you want to bring this to the next level? I offer a unique coaching program. In the starting phase, you will benefit from a unique opportunity, as I will be coaching you myself along the journey.


What does the program look like?


Watch the overview here:




6 Modules of Self-Leadership. It is a 6 week program that requires a lot of focus from you.


  • Each module has its own work sheet.
  • Each module has its own instructional video.
  • Each module has its own brief follow up 20 minute video call with myself that you can schedule via calendly.


This is a unique opportunity as I will be working directly with you to achieve your key transformation in Self-Leadership.


Want to know more? See the various articles, see myself in action exploring leadership, innovation and more. See my bio here.


My approach is called “Tools, not rules”. In the various modules you will receive. I will always encourage you to develop one tool


Module 1 – Envision your ideal future


This is the course where you clarify your direction. Yogi Berra once said: If you don’t know where you’re going, you’ll end up someplace else”.


This is so important – so often we have vague thoughts in our head.


Module 2 – Explore yourself


Self-reflection, self-awareness and more


The TEDx talk real features several of these elements. In the module, we go further in-depth and truly explore ourselves.


Module 3 – Engage with barriers


After setting direction and understanding ourselves we here focus on a key aspect: how to bridge the “Knowing-Doing” gap? How to truly do what we set out to do?


Module 4 – Enable yourself


Enable yourself to find focus and do the things you set out to do. Find unusual strategies and tools that will set yourself apart. Including a different thinking.


Module 5 – Energize yourself


How to stay motivated, also against setbacks. How to view the world from a different perspective. How to manage stress, energy and fin d foucs. This and more will be covered in this module.


Module 6 – Execute with excellence


Put the rubber on the road. Manage information flows, priotize, the things going, manage your day and energy and


Ready to go?


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How much does it cost?


299€ incl. VAT


This is a unique opportunity to work with me individually which will only be up for a couple of weeks. Later, this window will close and will only be available for the Platinum Option.


Let’s go ahead, and talk to you soon.