Do you have to lead others? Do you have to move people to action? Then this highly engaging and practical coaching program is for you. Leadership and communication expert Lars Sudmann will lay out a framework and toolbox of proven leadership strategies that can be applied the next day.

Drawing on years of experience as a corporate executive as well as lecturer at leading universities, Lars Sudmann will highlight what it takes to lead your team to high-performance.

The program will be tailor-made for you. Highlights of the coaching program include:

  • Differences between management and leadership
  • Key characteristics of inspirational leaders
  • Finding the “Why” as the basis for impact and high-performance
  • The 6E’s of Leadership
  • Communicating with power
  • Coaching and mentoring as leadership styles
  • Creating a high-performance culture
  • Optimizing decision-making
  • Inspirational leadership in challenging times

Contact us here for more information. For more background on Lars Sudmann’s coaching approach you can download this one-page key facts overview.