“Speak like a leader” Full Day Masterclass in Brussels on June 19th, 2015

Do you have to to lead and convince others? Do you want to take your leadership skills to the next level? Then this advanced Masterclass is for you.



The Session 

Presentations and speeches are very important moments for any leader. During presentations we can convey our message to our audiences. In this engaging masterclass seminar Lars Sudmann will show a fireworks of advanced strategies on how to improve business communication and to speak like a top presenter.

The session builds on Lars’ in-depth knowledge as a TEDx speaker and champion speaker and will bring you the business presentations skills needed to speak like a leader.

Highlights and Flow of the Day

  • How great leaders convince
  • How great leaders are being perceived as leaders: strategies for influence in communication
  • Designing great leadership messages: championship strategies
  • What leaders can learn from innovative formats such as TED and PechaKucha
  • Organization: identifying key messages via business storyboarding
  • Innovation in body language analysis – how to be perceived as a master presenter and top leader
  • How to tame complexity via business analogies
  • How to dance with data
  • How to add special spice to your presentations via business storytelling
  • How to also convince in difficult situations such as meetings, negotiations and more


Your benefits

  • Small group for maximum feedback
  • Highly interaction-oriented, with plenty of exercises
  • Individual feedback by the trainer and peers
  • Secrets from Championship Speaking and TED / TEDx
  • Lessons from the greatest companies for leaders such as Procter & Gamble and McKinsey & Co
  • Use of innovative technology such as the PresMaster.com feedback system

Who should attend?

This training is targeted towards experts and managers who have to convince others and need to drive change. This would include line managers, business leaders, project managers, department heads, startup leaders and more.



What others say

“Thank you for the excellent Master Class in Brussels. I’m so pleased with your personal recommendations, the course content as well as the fact that you brought the energy and collaboration into the group!”

Frans Coussé, PMP, Senior Transformation Manager

“Dear Mr. Sudmann, your keynote speech got an excellent audience feedback. It was one of the highest-rated speeches that we ever had.”

Uwe Koblitz, Manager, Nokia Siemens

“Lars Sudmann gave an outstanding executive training for the senior leaders of our Global Development organization. Our senior leaders especially pointed out the actionability of the program, which enabled them to directly transform the way they lead their virtual organizations.”

Sylvie Badoual, Training Manager, KONE Group

“Lars conducted the single best educational session at the 2012 TM International convention” (in Orlando, Florida)

J. Donovan, Vice President, Gartner Group

Logistics and Setup

  • Date: June 19th, 2015, from 9:00 am to 6:00 pm
  • Place: Brussels, Belgium
  • Venue: The innovative and modern A-Loft Starwood Hotel close to the Schuman square at the heart of Europe
  • Fee includes manual, video analysis and of course the full day training
  • As a bonus, participants receive a signed copy of “The Smart Presenter”, the book that Lars Sudmann co-authored
  • Lunch, coffee breaks and drinks included
  • Excluding travel & hotel stay; travel to the location should be organized by the participants themselves
  • Cost: 649,00 EUR plus VAT of 21%; the second participant from the same company will receive a 10% discount

Register now!

  • To register send an email with your contact details to register@lars-sudmann.com or via this form.
  • You want to have more information or an informal chat with the trainer Lars Sudmann about the session? Just call at +32-484-126 582 or send a brief note to info@lars-sudmann.com or via this form that you want to be called back.

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Watch Lars Sudmann’s TEDx talk on Public Speaking to get a small glimpse at what you can expect during the event:

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