The Art of Self-Leadership: Key factor for business success

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The founder of VISA, Dee Hock, once said: “If you seek to lead, invest at least 40% of your time in leading yourself.” This critical skill is especially important for start-up founders, high-level freelancers as well as business leaders in transition. Key focus of this practical program is to boost your operational results and -finally- implement your ideas. Drawing on years of experience as an executive as well as start-up founder and international speaker, Lars Sudmann will be your coach and sparring partner for your vision.

Key elements of the sessions:

  • Envision: how to set a vision for oneself and follow through on it.
  • Enquire: how to understand oneself for optimal leadership and productivity impact.
  • Engage: how to resolve internal barriers like a champion.
  • Enable: how to equip yourself with the right tools for success.
  • Energize: self-motivating strategies to keep going, find focus and flow also in busy times.
  • Execute: how to achieve operational excellence: the 1% strategy one can learn from an 82-year old Japanese chef.

Example challenges of past participants:

  • Increase sales, find new sales channels
  • Leadership project
  • How to finally beat procrastination and get going
  • Creating a speaking career
  • Building your business success by going international
  • Starting this writing project

This shows a variety of projects. The key was: the underlying roadblock was always self-leadership.  By getting a right process; tailorerd feedback; Lars as your (tor)mentor and the right expertise in where it counts participants were able to finally implement their ideas and overcome the challenges.

About Lars Sudmann

Lars Sudmann is the founder and CEO of Sudmann & Company. He is a speaker with more than 10 years experience as a business leader, e.g. as CFO Belgium of Procter & Gamble. Lars has been a manager of individuals from 25 different nationalities and has in-depth experience in leadership dynamics. He is a lecturer at the universities of Braunschweig and Aachen (DE) and is frequently invited to speak at major conferences and organizations such as TEDx, the ProjectZone Congress and many more.

What others say about Lars’ programs:

“Thanks again for a great training. It was very inspirational and practical!”

R. Kamphuisen, Business Leader, P&G NL

“Lars Sudmann of Sudmann & Company did a great job of motivating the whole group with his professional and enthusiastic style.”

E. Snick, CEO, Advanced Racing Computer

“Lars conducted the single best session at the 2012 TM International convention” (in Orlando, Florida)

J. Donovan, Vice President, Gartner Group

Key Logistics

  • Start: January 2016
  • Location of F2F sessions: Brussels, Belgium
  • Workshop: 2x4h in-depth F2F workshop
  • One-to-one business coaching : 3x1h in-depth personal coaching by Lars Sudmann
  • Virtual and peer connect in between
  • Target Group: Business leaders, entrepreneurs, Project Managers,
  • Highly implementation oriented; With guarantee for implementation success.
  • Price and more details – to be announced.

More news will follow soon. Do you want to be kept informed or want to have an informal chat with Lars about this program? Just send and email to info (at) lars-sudmann (dot) com, call us at +32-484-126 582 or contact us here.

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