Please find here a selection of published articles about me or written by me:



Fast Company

“What it takes to lead a company in crisis” – Here the link.

“8 movies that can make you a better leader” – Here the link.

“How to assess company culture in a video interview – Here the link.

“8 Behaviors that are sabotaging your meetings” – Here the link.

“How to get more done by doing less” – Here the link.

“How to stop checking email on vacation” – Here the link.


“The next boom: What’s next for technology-driven ventures in turbulent times” – Here the link.

“How to ensure your company survives the Covid-19 Pandemic” – Here the link.


“Three reasons to tout your colleagues” – article about praise, feedback and overall team culture – Here the link.

“Bridging the inter-generational divide” – interviewed as expert in article on leading GenY etc. – Here the link.

The Economist

“Teams suffer when managers can’t handle stressful situations” – Here the link.

“Don’t let low performers destroy your company” – Here the link.

CFO Magazine 

“Ready for a Recession?” Here the link.

“10 Vital Roles for CFOs” Here the link.

TED Ideas

“To be a great leader, you need to start by leading yourself” Here the link.

Inc. Magazine

“4 Secrets to Gig Economy Success” Here the link.

CIO Magazine

“Data Storytelling: A Key Skill for Data-Driven Decision Making” Here the link.

Manager Magazin (Germany)

“The Art of Speaking (Die Kunst der Rede)” – Here the link.

Bizz Magazine (Belgium – NL/FR)

“A good speech follows the CODE” –  contact me for a copy.

Trends / Tendance (Belgium NL/FR)

About my business venture SuMenSys – here the link.

“Virtual Teams” –  contact me for a copy.

6 ideas for making “working from home” work – here the link.

Enterprisers Project (Harvard Business Review)

“Transformational Leadership: 8 Ways to Keep Teams Moving”” – Here the link.

Washington Post

“The Next Airline IT Outage Could Happen at Any Time” – Here the link.

The Chicago Tribune

“Just say No: You can turn down extra work and still maintain your reputation” – Here the link – Contact me for a copy.

Corporate Board Member

“How to beat groupthink in the boardroom” – Here the link.

“Level 2 Diversity” – Here the link.



Die Welt (Germany)

“Einfach testen, was hängen bleibt. Innovation mit dem Spaghetti-Prinzip” – Here the link.

De Tijd (Belgium)

“Na Corona hebben we meer proactief leidershap nodig” – Here the link.

American Management Association Journal (AMA) 

“The Three Powers of Rapid Strategy Creation” – Here the link or contact me for a copy.

“Feedback: The Layers of the Evaluation Cake” – Here the link or contact me for a copy.

Manager Seminare (in German)

“Heading for Collaboration” (Heading for Collaboration: Virtuelle Zusammenarbeit) – Here the link or contact me for a copy.

“With E-Mail and Empathy – How to lead virtual teams” (Mit E-Mail und Empathie – Virtuelle Teams führen) – Here the link or contact me for a copy.

“Virtuos virtual meetingsFeedback: The Layers of the Evaluation Cake” – how to be engaging and effective in virtual environments (Virtuos virtuell konferieren) – Here the link or contact me for a copy.


“Best Practices When Choosing Startup Advisors” – Here the link.

“Leadership qualities VCs want to see in startup founders” – Here the link.

Toastmasters International Magazine

“From Monologue to Dialogue – Inviting Audience Interaction” – Here the link

“Creating a High-Performance Culture” – Here the link

“No more boring business presentations” – Here the link or contact me for a copy.

Controller Magazin

“The Psychology of Crisis” –  contact me for a copy.

“The Impact of Culture on the Management Control function” –  contact me for a copy.

Distribution Center Magazine

“The other side of forecasting” – Here the link.

Agitano – The Business Magazine (in German)

“Speak like a leader” – Collection of best practices of leadership communication – Here the link to the various articles

WiSu – Business Studies

“The Alliance Portfolio” – contact me for a copy.