Lars Sudmann has more than 10 year experience in leading, coaching and training leaders and managers. Lars combines his knowledge of the business world (e.g. from his experiences as CFO Belgium of Procter & Gamble) with his deep understanding of the learning and transformation process.

Lars key focus is on leadership and communication training.  There, especially the latest challenges of a modern organization (e.g. virtual environments, new technologies, the need to inspire, work/life balance) are part of Lars’ unique training program and approach which results in the fact that Lars Sudmann frequently a higher than 90% satisfaction rate in his training. See here for the range of training topics.

“Lars has been our regional and global owner for the presentation skills area and always recognized as a true master of the topic, not only because of how personal abilities but also because of being able to teach and coach others on that.”

Francesco Mantovani, Head of Learning & Development, Procter & Gamble

See here for more testimonials or here for examples of videos of Lars in action.