Monday Morning Brief – September 17, 2013

Here the overview of the best highlighted articles topics:

Quote of the week:

“People’s reaction to ideas:

Bad ideas: “That’ll never work”

Good ideas: “That could work”

Great ideas: “That’ll never work”

(by @levie on Twitter)

Top 5 articles:

Fascinating & controversial: Why politicians (and maybe you as a leader) should use emoticons in their e-mails (via TechCrunch)

Interesting article: Why Facebook is bad for you (via The Economist)

Telling stories with visual data – the future of the narrative? Key is the combination of key message & depth in data (via HBR)

Here are 6 ways to talk like a leader, by @Inc

Want to have success at your next meeting? Maybe you need to say ‘Yeah’ more often. This and more findings here. (via the Wall Street Journal)

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