The Healthy Leader

Does your daily work journey also is taking a toll on you? Hard work hours, hundreds of emails, meeting after meeting, bad food, not a lot of movement?

Lars Sudmann has gone through this, and more. At one point, he decided to change this, and in the process has achieved the following:

  • Lost 45 kg
  • Stopped smoking
  • Achieved balance
  • Increased energy
  • Movement optimisation and flexibility
  • Found focus in a world of constant information flow

In this highly personal coaching program Lars will guide you through the following elements, depending on your key needs:

  • Nutrition Spectrum (together with Dr. K. Baumgarten) – how what we eat affects us
  • Exercise focus – the key to finding energy
  • Mental sharpness – key tools, apps strategies and more to be more focused and maintain mental energy
  • How to stop bad habits as e.g. smoking and more

This might be the best investment in your personal life that you will ever do.

Contact us here for more information. For more background on Lars Sudmann’s coaching approach you can download this one-page key facts overview.

Note: This is of course not a medical program, nor medical advice. Contact a physician in case of medical needs.