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Lars Sudmann is an author, advisor and top European keynote speaker. The former executive of Procter & Gamble and university lecturer has already spoken in front of tens of thousands of enthusiastic audience participants across Europe at Fortune500 companies and major associations.

Contact us here to explore how Lars can also help making your conference or corporate event even more successful via a highly engaginginteractive and inspirational keynote speech.

Lars will work with you to identify the ideal topic for your event around his specialty fields of innovation, leadership, high-performance teams and global & virtual collaboration.

See for yourself how Lars Sudmann explores these topics in one of his 15-minute TEDx talks below. You can also further browse the homepage for testimonials from CEOs, executives and conference organisers as well as his featured articles in Fast Company, BBC and many more.

Lars Sudmann is an expert on high-performance leadership in global corporations and is regularly featured on FastCompany, and many more. He works with multinational organizations as change consultant, keynote speaker as well as executive trainer.

You can watch Lars’ other TEDx talks here and contact him here for your event or strategy session. You can also send Lars an email at or call at +32-484-126 582.

You want to learn what others have to say about Lars Sudmann as a keynote presenter, leadership advisor and strategy facilitator? Go to the references & testimonials section to see comments from Microsoft, Roche, Merck, Deutsche Post DHL, General Electric & many more.






And here some references / links I am referring to in the speech:

A post on the Spaghetti principle can be found here.

Change meeting behaviour, try out 1-1 communication

Turn your office into an ant colony

A video of the ant mill / spiral of doom:

Biomimicry and the need for error / randomness

Here a biomimicry examples from the bee’s waggle dance, swarms, error etc. for instance one paper: “Error in the Honeybee Waggle Dance Improves Foraging Flexibility”.

Of course, the stated examples are analogies.

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